The only public research organization about the Refractories in Japan,It is a center about research of a Refractories and high temperature ceramics.

Manage: OKAYAMA CERAMICS RESEARCH FOUNDATION 1406-18 Nishikatakami, Bizen, Okayama 705-0021, JAPAN 

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Welcome to Okayama Ceramics Center's Homepage!

Director of OKAYAMA CERAMICS Hatsuo Taira Director of OKAYAMA CERAMICS
Research Laboratory Hatsuo Taira

OKAYAMA CERAMICS CENTRE was born with the purpose to support the jumping up to tomorrow's new stage of prosperity for the refractorise and related enterprises of Okayama Prefecture. In OKAYAMA CERAMICS CENTRE, aiming for the 「World's Research Center」 of high temperature composite materials centered around refractorise, such projects of ceramics and refractorise as R & D under the co-operation of technology, the education of human resources, the infornation services and so on have been promoted.


1988.Jul. Project of Okayama Ceramics Center Started.
1989.Oct. Installation of Okayama Ceramics Center Started.
1990.Mar. Okayama Ceramics Research Foundation Inaugurated.
1990.Oct. Okayama Ceramics Center Inaugurated.
1991.Apr. Local Industries Subsidy Law Enacted. 1993.Sep. Refractorise Activation Law Enacted.


Address 1406-18 Nishikatakami, Bizen, Okayama 705-0021, JAPAN
Site Ground space : 5,599.47 square meter
Building : structer
[Main building] steel reinforced concrete, 2-stories floor space
[Main building] 1,753.65 square meter
[Test building] 408 square meter
PHONE:81-869-64-0505  FAX:81-869-63-0227

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Ca.30 km from JR Okayama Station

  • 45 min by JR Ako-Line, Get-Off at Nishi Katakami Station, Ca.8 min Walk
  • Ca.1 hour by car Ca.1 hour 20 min by Uno-bus for Hinase Sogo, Get-Off at Katatetsu Katakami and 2 min Walk

Ca.40 km from Okayama Air Port

  • Ca.1 hour 30 min by car (Ca.50 min via Sanyo-Express Way)
  • Ca.40 min by Chutetsu-bus for Okayama Station

From Wake IC in Sanyo-Express Way

  • Ca.40 min by car